Future of Agriculture

Revolutionising Farming
Through Smart Innovations

Automated AI farming system solution that improves produce yield by up to 30%, within a modular high-tech controlled environment totally self-sustaining, independent of all mains water and electricity supplies.

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GAIA provides a Scalable, Innovative and Cost-effective solution to the combined problems of Food Security and Resource Scarcity in the region.

What is GAIA

Next-gen Farming

Automated AI Scalable Farming System. Using over 10 technologies and systems to manage plants (fruits and vegetables)
to grow in the best environment with no pollution, contamination or climate impact.


Completely automated, cloud controlled environmental management system.


Crop growing process computer controlled, feeding the crop exactly what it needs to produce optimum yields


Step change improvements to yields, all year round, utilizing proven growing technology.


Integrating multiple advanced technologies, reducing power and water requirements to grow grade A quality produce

Problem & Solution


In a changing world with multiple factors impacting our lives, we face many challenges that need immediate actions to avoid future implications.

Climate Change:

Every 1 degree increase in
temperature 10% of arable
land is being lost.

Food Security:

Future challenges with increase of population and demand will be critical and causing immense economic and sustainability challenges.

Quality and Price:

Organic quality, grade A food is becoming unaffordable for many.


Energy consumption is increasing with every technological advancement, even other forms of vertical farming are expensive and not fully sustainable.


ESG Focused

/ Space


Growing Plants in
any weather

Clean Energy


Proven and


Superior performance.
Complete control and integration.

  • Low investment for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) project
  • GAIA produces 16 metric tonnes (16,000 kg’s) per annum / per capsule*
  • High ROI from guaranteed revenues
  • Clear future growth plan
About GAIA

A food security solution
With the planet in mind.

GAIA provides food responsibly, by enhancing food quality and using clean energy. This approach that provides humanity with food contributing to the Water, Energy, Food Nexus.

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Producing and consuming better food using a system that helps earth rejuvenate

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